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The remains of the Bwllfa colliery

These pictures show all that remains of the Bwllfa colliery. There were several collieries in this area with names that changed over time. At the top of the valley was Bwllfa, which became Bwllfa No.1, Nantmelyn became Bwllfa No.2, and Powell's Pit, the site of the Dare Valley Centre became Bwllfa No.3. As well as the Merthyr Dare above the visitor centre, the Duffryn-Dare situated below the visitor centre, and several levels.
The plaque on the stone gives information about the mineshaft, all of which have been capped.

shaft data

Below, a picture of one of the wheels from the winding gear of the head frame at the site of Bwllfa No.1.

Winding Wheel

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