Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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A selection of scouting photographs of the 9th Aberdare School Troop

from Leighton T. Jones (past student: 1957–1964)

Scouts 1959

March 1959
4th row, left to right : Tony Davies, Brian Evans (Beano)
3rd row, left to right : John Griffiths, Jim Stephens, Ron Falder, Ian Bremner, Geoffrey Munden,
2nd row, left to right : John D Newman, Leighton Jones, Jeff Hall, Roger Blackmore, John Morgan, Elfyn Williams
1st row, left to right : Stuart Thomas, Anthony Key, Melvyn H. Davies, Christopher Abbott



Return from Camp

circa 1961
The troop had just returned from a very wet summer camp at Rhandirmwyn.
We think the photo is taken with the boys facing the Toc H building in the High St, and so the Rock Building would be in the background.
The large water carrier in the foreground was probably borrowed from the St. Fagan’s troop.
To identify each person please hover your mouse-pointer on the face of the scout.


Senior Scouts 9th Aberdare

circa 1962 
Back row, left to right: Jim Stephens, Eric Jones (Aberaman), D. Colin Davies (Scoutmaster), John Tomkins, Leighton Jones
Front row, left to right: Terry Evans (Trecynon), Jeff Hall, Ron Falder, Melvyn H. Davies (Cwmbach), Phil Moore (Cwmdare)


Thanks to Jeff Hall (1957–64) & Rob Humphreys (1956–62) for helping to put names to faces

Melvyn H Davies (Cwmbach) Roger Jones ?? Anthony Key (Foundry Town) Terry Evans (Trecynon) Norman Jenkins (Griffith St) Trevor Alun Hughes  (scoutmaster on loan from St Fagan’s troop to help supervise) John Tomkins (Bute St) Stephen Lewis (Aberaman) Jeff Hall (Cwmbach) Leighton Jones (Aberdare) Byron Morgan (Wind St) Ian Matthews (Cwmaman) Ron Falder (Cwmaman) John Griffiths (Cwmaman)