1958 Trip to Llangollen

From Colin Rees & Dylan Morgan

This photo was taken in the Low Level station yard on the morning of the trip to the International Eisteddfod in July 1958. The leader of the trip was Gethin Evans. You can read about the itinerary and other details of the trip by clicking here.

The boy in the front row to the right of centre with his hand up to his lapel is Philip Price. He was tragically killed in early September 1958 as the result of a road accident. Dylan has written a short memorial to Philip which is reproduced below the photograph.

Llangollen Departure

Philip P. Price joined us in January 1958 in Form 1, when his father D.W. Price came to the school to take up the post of Head of Mathematics. In the brief time that he was with us I remember him as being my best friend, very intelligent and lively; and pushing me down into fourth place in the form!

But it was, I think, in the summer holidays of that same year that Philip was riding his bike along the main road, was hit by a car, and killed.

I have often thought about the future that was thus cut short: of Philip rising through the school; of playing chess with him; of his successes at O level; of him probably joining in with myself and Byron in the special extra tuition his father gave us in order to reach Oxbridge entrance standard in Maths; of him at University getting a first class degree and then moving on to a Doctorate and then ... to what? marriage and children? a professorship? industry?

And I have thought of his father’s feelings as he saw and taught us, his son’s contemporaries, as we rose through the school and as he helped us to achieve things that he could have confidently expected Philip to attain.