Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Musical & Dramatic Activities

old school

Transitional Orchestral Course, (String Section), May 1965
at Ogmore Camp

via Ann Godfrey, née Davies from her sister the late Susan Byrne, née Davies

Transitional Orchestra Ogmore May 1965
At least three Aberdarians are in this photo.
Susan Davies 3rd row from back, 6th from left, in patterned jumper.
David Owen 2nd row from back in a grey cardigan and black shirt. Peter Ballinger on the extreme right with a double bass.
Tutors: Tony Small (trumpet), Jeff Lloyd (violin), —?—, Jim Baskerville, Mr Hopkins, D. Roger Jones, Russell Sheppard, Mr Davies (camp headmaster),
—?—, —?—, —?—, Alan James ( double bass), Tex Hannaby (woodwind)
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