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St. David’s Day Eisteddfod, 1964
Newspaper Report


ST. David’s day at the Aberdare Boys’   Grammar School was celebrated with an Eisteddfod rather than the customary concert.

This was the first Eisteddfod held in the school, and it proved a resounding success, with entries from all forms at all grades of proficiency.

The adjudicators were: Madam Havard Lloyd, Mr. Wayne Warlow and the Rev. E.A. Alder B.A. (music), and Mr. E.J. Williams (recitations).

The proceedings were conducted by Mr. D.N. Williams, B.Sc., Mr. J.H. Evans B.A., and Mr. J. Gethin Evans, B.A.

A highlight of the competitions was the special competition sponsored by the Headmaster, Mr. J. Warren. B.A., M.Sc. who presented prizes for recitations in the English, Latin and Greek languages.

These were won as follows: English, Byron Morgan; Welsh, Hywel Davies; Latin, Dylan Morgan; Greek, Roger Humphreys.

Competition was extremely keen as can be gauged from the final result.


Violin solo (Forms 1, 2) 1 A. Williams (P.), 2 W. Coulan (T.) 3 M. Thomas (D.); Piano solo (Forms 1, 2): 1. T.W. Owen (Ll.), 2 M. Davies (P.) 3 G. Dennis (P.); Recorder solo (Form 1): 1 H. Lloyd (Ll.), 2 joint: R. Codd (T.) and L. Hart (T.); Brass: 1 B. Davies (Ll.) 2 joint R. Codd (T.) and R. Turner (Ll.); Recorder solo (Form 2): 1 W. Davies (T.), 2 B. Davies (Ll.), 3 D. Cochlin (P.).

Harmonica: 1 T. Owen (Ll.), 2 G. Morgan (D.), 3 I. Thompson (D.); Woodwind (Forms 1, 2), 1 N. Ker (P.), 2 P. Pocock (P.); Recorder group: 1 Penri, 2 Llewelyn, 3 Tudor; 4 Dewi; Instrumental group: 1 Paul Wyatt’s group; 2 R. Michael’s group; Pipe organ solo: 1 R. Davies (P.), 2 P. Ballinger (D.)

Piano solo (open): 1 joint; I. Lewis (P.), and H. Thomas (Ll.), 3 D. Owen (Ll.); Welsh recitation (Forms 1, 2), 1 T.W. Owen (Ll.), 2 A.W. Jones (Ll.), 3 A.W. Jenkins (T.); Tenor, Baritone or Bass Solo: 1 P. Ballinger (D.), 2 A. Richards (Ll.), 3 R. Humphreys (P.); Any stringed instrument (open), 1. R. Emm, (Ll.), 2 joint, B. Llewellyn (D.) and M.R. Smith (Ll.).

English recitation: (Forms 1, 2), 1 V. Munson (Ll.), 2 F. Haines (T.), 3 M. Howells (D.); Solo (Forms 1, 2, 3): 1 H. Davies (P.), 2 M. Brayley (Ll.), 3 H. Cook (D.), 4 G. Lewis (P.).

Woodwind (open): 1 A. Burridge (P.), 2 H. Thomas (Ll.), 3 joint, A. Spybey (T.) and G. Morgan (D.).

Choral Speaking Verse: Welsh: (Form 1): 1 Tudor.

Soprano Unison Group: (Form 1): 1 Llewelyn.


Essays: English (over 15): S.J. Davies (Ll.); (under 15). J. Clatworthy (D.); Welsh (over 15): R. Humphreys (P.), (under 15): A. Davies (P.); Science (over 15): joint, A.P. Jones (Ll.), S. Lewis (T.); (under-15): M. Thomas (D.).


Over 15: 1 P. Wyatt (T.), 2 I. Lewis (P.); Form 3 B. Emm (Ll.); Form 2: D. Samuel (P.). Form 1: N. Bremner (T.).

Latin: Translation; joint: A.P. Jones (Ll.), Dylan Morgan (P.); Map: A. Spybey.

French Prose: W. Powell(P.); Translation: R. Peake (P.); Geography: Map: H. Davies (P.).

Welsh: Translation: (Speakers): H. Davies (D.); (Learners): S. Penny (Ll.).

Photography: (colour): M. Morgan (D.); Transparencies: L.P. Thomas (P.); Landscape: M. Evans (D.); Portraits: C. Rees (Ll.); Action: P. Pocock (P.); Miscellaneous: M. Evans (D.).

Final results: 1 Penri 268 Points; 2 Llewelyn 250½ points; 3 Dewi 230½ points; 4 Tudor 207 points.

from The Aberdare Leader, 21 March 1964