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The School Concert, April 1941
Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast
Birds of a Feather

The 1941 concert was the first of the series, instigated by G.P. Ambrose, P.E. Phillips and T.R. James, that continued until the mid-1960s. The main musical work was ‘Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast’ (Coleridge-Taylor). In the second part of the concert, there were solos by Emlyn Burns as well as pupils. In addition, the school dramatic society presented ‘Birds of a Feather’, by the Merthyr dramatist J.O. Francis. This light drama ran successfully on the West End stage at The London Coliseum during the period 1914-1918. Taking the part of Twm Tinker in the school production was Cwmaman pupil, Elwyn Jones (1935-42), who was later to become a television executive, producer and writer. He is best remembered for his work on ‘Z-Cars’ and ‘Softly, Softly’. There is a photograph thought to be of part 1 of this concert on the main Musical & Dramatic Activities menu.

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(Reproduced with permission of Rhondda Cynon Tâf Library Service)

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