Contacts and correspondence

Our primary point of contact for any former pupils who want to get in touch with us is Susan Dennis-Gabriel, who attended the Girls’ Grammar School during the years 1957-64.

Susan Dennis-Gabriel Susan

In addition, Colin Rees, who attended the Boys’ Grammar School during the same years,
helps to maintain the web site.

Colin Rees Colin

These addresses are images, as this helps to prevent them being included in spam email lists, so you will need to type the address manually into your email application / program.

We are always looking for new material for the web site so if you have anything to contribute please contact one of us. The sort of material we are interested in may be seen by browsing through what we have already. It includes photos, old school books, documents, school badges and crests, information on former teachers and head-teachers, newspaper cuttings, etc. The site is intended to be primarily a means of sharing memories and memorabilia of the old school, and only secondarily a serious history, so almost anything will do (as long as it’s decent and honest of course!).

If you want to scan documents or photos yourself we would be happy to accept them by email. A good quality scan would be preferred as we would like to preserve an archive of the material we collect, but lower quality scans are acceptable as they fulfil the primary objective of the site. If you can’t scan them yourself then please consider sending them to one of us by post and we will scan and return them. In the case of documents a photocopy will do. If you are considering this option contact one of us by email first and we will send a mailing address.

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