Maps of the school area

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First, for those interested in history, here’s a copy of an old map of the area around Cwmbach Road where the school was later built.
This also includes a link to the Old-Maps web site from which you can explore 19th century maps of the area in detail.

The school area in 1885

Girls who attended the school came from a wide area of the Cynon Valley and in the early days of the school some pupils would come from as far away as Penderyn. These maps show developments in the valley since the second world war. There are marked differences in the built-up area between the 1947 and the 1956 maps. At the top end the Bryn residential estate in Rhigos, and the Trading Estate near Hirwaun, were built. Further down the valley the residential estates in Penywaun and Cwmbach also appear. By 2003, of course, the notable changes are the loss of the collieries and the railway lines, and the new roads through the valley.

1940 the Cynon Valley

1947 the Cynon Valley

1955 Aberdare Road Safety Map

1956 the Cynon Valley

2003 the Cynon Valley

Here’s a link to the Google Maps page showing a high resolution satellite image of the area around the school. The images were made recently and you can use the map site to explore all of the Aberdare and Cynon Valley area in considerable detail.

Satellite image of the school area
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For those with geographic and environmental interests, here’s a map from MAGIC maps (the Government’s Multi-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside project) which shows Sites of Special Scientific Interest, sadly none in the valley itself but a good area in the mountains around. From this site you can explore more detailed maps of the area.

Magic Maps: Cynon Valley
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