Here is a collection of photographs that shows the Girls’ Intermediate School at various times throughout this and the last century until the school’s closure in 2014.

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The first three images are taken from behind the school from what was the spoil heap, called Tip Cinders or Tip Heronries, which resulted from the activities of the old Abernant Iron Works. Nowadays this raised ground is covered in trees and the housing development called The Walk, so it is difficult to get a contemporary photograph to compare with those below.

pre 1913
Before the school was built

circa 1913
Just after the school was built

circa 1960s
Probably in the 1960s


Exterior graphic

The following photographs show the front
of the school together with a few of the rear aspect.

A postcard used in 1912

circa 1912
A very early undated postcard

circa 1920
A later picture

circa 1914
Post-marked 1914

circa 1914
Post-marked 1914

circa 1914
Post-marked 1914

circa 1930s

Front 1935

The Rear Field
The Rear Field
with Country Dancing

circa 1960s

circa 1960s

circa 1990s

Drawing 1996
1996 pencil drawing

The photographs below were taken on July 14th, 2014,
during the last week of the one hundred years existence of the building as a school for girls.

Looking to southeast along
the front facade

Looking to the northwest along
the front facade

Front 3
The Main Entrance - almost
unchanged after 100 years

The rear of the main 1913
building, looking south west

Entry Arch

Window Head Carving

Front Door


Notice on Stone Ball


School Sign


Interiors graphic

These photographs show various areas inside the school.

Cookery Room
unknown date

Gym 1923
Gymnasium & Hall, 1923

Gymnasium & Hall,
unknown date

Cookery 1935
Cookery Room 1935

Staff Room 1935
Staff Room 1935

Dining Hall 1935
Dining Hall 1935

Upper Corridor 1935
Upper Corridor 1935

Art Room 1935
Art Room 1935

Biology Lab 1935
Biology Lab 1935

Gym 1935
Gymnasium & Hall, 1935

Library 1935
The Library 1935





Upper Corridor Jul 2014
First Floor Corridor

Chem Lab 1
Chemistry Lab

Chem Lab 2
Chemistry Lab

Staircase East
South-east Staircase

GF Corridor
Ground Floor Corridor
south-east end

Stained Glass
Stained Glass Panel

Trophy Cabinet
Trophy Cabinet

Sports Shield Detail
Sports Shield Detail

Door Latch
Brass Door Latch

History Room
Classroom Door

Traffic Lights
Headmistress’s Traffic Lights


Newel Post
Newel Post

Parquet Floor
Parquet Floor

Hymn Board
Assembly Hall Hymn Board

Wall Tiling on
south-east staircase

Entrance Foyer
Entrance Foyer

Entrance to Hall
An Entrance to the Main Hall

Hall Internal Windows
Windows to Main Hall
from Upper Corridor

Hall Ceiling Detail
Ceiling detail of Main Hall

IT Room 2014
The IT Room

Biology Greenhouse
The Biology Greenhouse

A stairwell

Old Annex
The original Annex

New Gym
The “new” Gym

New Gym store
The “new” Gym store area

Cloakroom Area of External Block

Exterior Lab
A Lab in the External Block

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