Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Official School Photographs

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Class Photograph, 3 Classical, 1926

from Alun C Davies & John Samuel

A joint contribution from Alun C Davies, past pupil 1948-56, and John Samuel, 1952–60
who have sent in this photograph that includes Alun’s uncle and John’s father.
Class 3 Classical in 1926.

3 Classical, 1926

Back Row (L to R) :
Talfryn Richards, Tom Barling, John Phillips, Tudor Williams

Next Row (all standing, L to R):
? Thomas, Walter Morris, David Hopkin Samuel, Gwyn Ivor Thomas, Fred Jones, Mansel Morris Davies, Horatio Evans

Next Row (one only standing, L to R):
Archie? Jones, Cynlais Jenkins, Evan Jenkins, Albert Kerslake, ? Morgan, Thomas M. Rosser

Next Row
Dick Thomas (standing), seated: ? Davies, Morien Bedford Morgan, Joseph Elfyn Thomas Jones, Hywel Jones, John Davies

Front Row (all seated, L to R)
George Maclaren Humphreys, William Kenneth Pugh, ? Jones, Anelyf Wyn Rees, Absalom Samuel Williams, Alexander Taylor Macintosh Wilson

The location of this photograph is the Main Hall (Gadlys End). The double doors, on the left, led to the corridor off which Rooms 2 & 3 were to be found. The door
under one of the pictures opened into a room that over time served several purposes. In the 1960s it was the room of school secretary Jennie Williams.
At various periods the Main Hall was used as a teaching area, hence the desks (forms) in this photograph.
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