Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Photographs

school building

Aberdare Boys Comprehensive Lower School, 1990
Teachers and Support Staff

Thanks to Dr Geoff Abbott for the photograph and the names of the staff.


1 Susan Jones (Secretary) 2 Gaynor Jenkins (Secretary) 3 Janice Evans (Special Needs) 4 Ann Savan (Science)
5 Suzanne Davies (English) 6 Sian Murphy (English) 7 Mary Polzer (French) 8 Shirley Beaujean (French)


8 Shirley Beaujean (French) 9 Barbara Williams (Maths) 10 Judith Griffiths (Deputy Head) 11 Bernard Evans (Deputy Head)
12 Dr Geoff Abbott (Headmaster) 13 Wayne Davies (Deputy Head) 14 Terry Smith (Head of Lower School) 15 Peter Prothero (Art)


15 Peter Prothero (Art) 16 Dafydd Owen (Welsh) 17 Dave Howells (D&T) 18 Wynford Williams (Special Needs)
19 Simon Cowdry (Lab Assistant) 20 Graham Powell (P.E.) 21 Andy Price (P.E.) 22 Colin Neal (D&T)