Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Section of 1954 School Photograph

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school building

Aberdare Boys Grammar School, 1954
Sixth form boys and teachers
Any additional names or corrections will be gratefully received
Many thanks to Alan Abraham for the high resolution scan

strip1a1 Mr David Jones (Caretaker) 2 Miss Gwennie Griffiths 3 Miss Nancy Hayward (cleaners) 4 Alun C Davies
5 James Anthony Morris 6 John Mort 7 David Daniels 8 Ron Stephens
strip1b9 Hedley Marsh 10 John Beddoe 11 John Lloyd
12 Morley Thomas 13 Alan Biggins 14 Colin Francis
strip315 Ernest Evans 16 Colin Burke 17 Keith Rowlands 18 Roger Coulthurst
19 French Assistant 20 Miss Jean Lindsay (Music) 21 Mr C E L Morris (Latin) 22 Mr M T Jenkins (Geography and Geology)
strip423 Mr T J Evans (Geography), 24 Mr J B Davies (Hist & French), 25 Mr D J G Hill (French & Hist), 26 Mr Luther James (Gen Science & Scripture)
27 Mr T R James (Mathematics), 28 Mr P E Phillips (French, Econ & Choir), 29 Mr J T Bowen (Welsh), 30 Mr T B Reynolds (Headmaster)
strip531 Mr E J Excell (PE & Art), 32 Mr D A Lewis (Woodwork), 33 Mr G Williams (Chemistry), 34 Mr E J Davies (Economics & History)
35 Mr D C Jones (Maths) 36 Mr R W Francis (Physics), 37 Mr G D Griffiths (English), 38 Mr D D Davies (Biology)
strip639 Mr E J Bowen (Maths & General Science), 40 Mr Eric Evans (Welsh) 41 Mrs Jennie Williams (Secretary), 42 John Bowen
43 Brian Cooke 44 John Penfro Williams 45 Russ Yates 46 Dewi Aeron Davies
strip747 T Gwyn Thomas 48 Ken Powell 49 Gareth Freebury 50 John Manser
51 Bill Morgan 52 Brian Welsby 53 Robert (Tunger) Matthews
strip854 Ken Griffiths 55 Elfed Jones 56 Ralph Crooks 57 Gareth Jones
58 Mrs Morris 59 Mrs L Harries? (School Cook) 60 Mrs Meg Phillips

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