Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Official School Photographs

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school building

A third form woodwork class in 1926

from Alun C. Davies

Form 2A in the woodwork room

This photograph shows a third form almost certainly taken in in 1926; it is a photocopy of an original which accounts for the poor quality.
Mansel Davies has attempted to identify the boys.

Strictly from left to right: Tudor Williams, Kenneth Pugh (foreground), Alistair Wilson, Anelyf Rees, - Jones, John Aubrey Davies,
Archie Jones, John Phillips, Absie Williams (foreground), ?Thomas?, Gwyn Thomas, J.E.T. Jones,
George Maclaren Humphreys, ? Howells, ? Jones, Evan Jenkins, Albert Kerslake, ? (foreground)
Glyn Phillips, ?, Mr J.J. Davies (teacher), Richard Thomas, Mansel Davies (side view), Tom Barling, Walter Morris,
Richard Jones, Horatio Evans, Morien Morgan, Cynlas Hughes.

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