Donors of many of the photographs and of the names provided have been acknowledged on the pages on which a photo appears. However for ABGS and ABCS PICTURES from 1970 to the present some additional comments are necessary.

Users of the website might like to note that Mr Graham Jones, the school caretaker from 1980–2014, played a vital role in rescuing a great number of the school photographs for posterity. He also sounded the alarm to alert others. Without his efforts, many photos might have been lost.

It’s worth relating an incident at the school in the early 1990s. There was a break-in via the roof into the Lower school Music room which set off the alarm. The police attended together with Graham. The thieves scarpered of course. Graham, in pouring rain then replaced the roof tiles at 4 a.m. to prevent further damage. Graham is a man in a million.

Sincere thanks go to the P.E. staff, in particular to Mr Andy Price for his assistance with collecting photos for the website. Mr Graham Powell, ex Head of P.E., has also played a major part in the process over the years.

Mr Terry Harding was able to supply many of the photos of the Jazz Band.

Mr Bernard Evans, Deputy Head 1980-1997, arranged for photographers to call at the school regularly in the face of the indifference perhaps of some. Most of the photos would not have existed otherwise.

Lastly thanks must also go to Mr Ian Machin the final Head of the Boys’ School and to Mrs Sue Davies OBE, the first Head of Aberdare Community School for their cooperation. Various office staff have also been very helpful.

An Apology — A great number of past pupils and others have contributed names for the photographs on the site and these individuals are usually named alongside the photos. However a small number of contributors are not named as their details have been mislaid for whatever reason. The following list is intended to try to make amends. Any omissions are purely accidental.
Nathan Drewett 1992-1999
Lewis Miles 1995–2002
David Williams 1997–2004
Chris Lewis 1985–1992
Mark Blackmore 1987–1994