Weather Vane Repair

When installed in 1901, the clock had a weather vane fixed on top of the dome. Originally the weather vane, itself about 5 feet high, was mounted on a square-section black column which was about 6 feet long.

This arrangement can be seen clearly in the old postcard dated 1915 in the School Building section of this site.
At some point during the period 1973 to 1989, the black supporting column was reduced in height to about 2 feet, for a reason unknown to us. However, a weather vane was put back on this ‘stump’ as seen in a 2003 photo (see below).

When the clock returned in May 2008, the weather vane had gone, but the stump was present albeit at an angle somewhat off the vertical.

This photo, taken on June 24th, 2008 shows that the ‘stump’ had been removed - hopefully for repairs so that its original arrangement could be reinstated.

Click for 2003 photo

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