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Handel Davies Memorabilia
Civil Service Leaving Card, 1969

from Geraint Davies (Handel’s nephew)

In 1969 Handel Davies left his civil service post as Deputy Controller Aircraft Research and Development, Ministry of Technology. But he had been in the employ of the government since joining the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough in 1936.
During this thirty-three year period he had worked with a large number of people at several establishments including Farnborough, Boscombe Down and Whitehall. Many of his colleagues signed his leaving card before Handel left to be Group Technical Director at the British Aircraft Corporation.
Amongst the signatures you should be able to find the following:
• Sir Morien Bedford Morgan, another past pupil of the Aberdare Boys County School, (1925–27). In the same year as Handel’s resignation in 1969, Morien took over as Director at RAE Farnborough.
• Test pilot Colin Coulthard, later Air Vice-Marshal.
• Dietrich Küchemann, a colleague at Farnborough, an author of the classic textbook The Aerodynamic Design of Aircraft (1978).
• Sir John Charnley. See him here
• Anthony Wedgwood Benn who at this time was Minister for Technology in the Harold Wilson government.


Notice the leek on Handel's RAF Yacht Club boating hook, and the contract for his next job at the British Aircraft Corporation in his jacket pocket.
Handel’s Leaving Card 1969