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Although fraternisation with the opposite sex was not exactly encouraged by the school, there was one popular haunt in Seymour Street that attracted generations of boys and girls who wished to counteract the policy of single-sex education, and indeed many long-lasting relationships were forged there; this place was the Memorial Hall, also known simply as The Mem. The photograph below shows a typical scene from a dance in the sixties. Notice that both boys and girls took some care over their appearance, with boys often in two-piece suits; cardigans seemed to be popular for the girls.
The Hall was demolished in 1988, but so far nothing has yet appeared in its place on the corner of Seymour and Whitcombe Street. You can see more pictures of the exterior of the Hall by clicking here.
Johns dance scene
Thanks to John Newell (ABGS: 1957-1962) for this picture. John is on the left, with his eyes almost closed. Lynn Parry Thomas is facing him, and on the right doing the relaxed jive is John Keri Phillips (employed for many years at Engart Fans); his partner is Peggy Evans (Penywaun). We do not know the names of the other two girls in the picture, if you know who they are please let us know and we’ll add their names; you can find email addresses on the Home Page.

Lynn Parry Thomas (1957-1964) has sent in his Entrance Pass card that he used to enter the Hall on dance nights. He comments, “I had many a happy time here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I won several jiving competitions at this venue in the early sixties with a number of partners. Good days.”

Geoff Kerley (pupil 1962-1964, and later a member of staff at the school) described his first planned visit to this magical venue. "Before plucking up courage to go in, Keith Eynon and I decided to go across the road for a pint or two of Dutch Courage. Unfortunately such was the strength of the brew, that my head went down on the table in front of me and I knew nothing of what transpired for the rest of the evening. My father was called, and I was conveyed back to Aberaman oblivious of the night’s disaster - I never made it inside the Mem on that occasion".

membership card outer
membership card inner

And finally, here’s another scene from those days sent in by Clive Richards.
From left to right: Carys George, Ros Probert, ?, Lindsay Parry, Dilwyn Phillips,
Margaret Hoyle, Clive Richards, Dai Smith.
If you can identify the unknown person please let us know.
Mem scene2 from Clive

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