Peter Evans saw this article and noticed that his family was mentioned in connection with ‘Evans the Saddler’. He says:

“I thought you might appreciate some comments about my family who used to own Evans the Saddler.

Evan Evans was my grandfather, whom I never knew because he died in 1915. His wife, the “Mrs Evans” mentioned in the article, was Jane Evans, my grandmother, known locally as Jenny. She died in late 1952. Both of them came to Aberdare from Llandeilo before the turn of the 20th Century. I know little about Jane except that her maiden name was Jones, from a well to do family — I think. Evan Evans was one of many brothers and his father owned a leather factory in Llandeilo.

The saddler's business had a second shop in Pontypridd. My father told me that they supplied all the footballs to all the schools in the Aberdare Valley. I don't know if this was true but it seems plausible!

Their eldest son, my Uncle Dudley, went to University, I don't know which one, but as far as I know did not enter the church as stated. When I knew him he was an author living in Hampstead. His sister Kathleen also went to university and became a chemist not a doctor as stated. She and her husband owned a string of chemist shops in and around Reading. My father Mervyn and his twin brother Leslie ran the saddler's business but WWII intervened. My father was in the TA before the war and became a major in the Royal Artillery. Uncle Leslie was in the Mountain Warfare regiment but never talked about it. They were both demobbed at the end of the war. After the war the saddler's business fell away. My father rejoined the army but Uncle Leslie drifted from job to job. In their younger days they both represented Aberdare at cricket, football and rugby. They were both excellent table-tennis players at county level.”

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