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UCW Aberystwyth Chemistry Department, 1967

UCW Chem Dept 1966

Front Row: Meredith (porter), ?, ?, A.J.S. Williams, Secretary, a Post-Doc, Alun H. Price (Physical), Colin Young (Inorganic), Mansel Davies (Physical), Prof. A.F. Trotman-Dickenson, Harry Heller (Organic),
Sam Graham (Organic), George Morrison (Biochemistry), Secretary, P.A. Davies (Librarian), Telephonist, Leslie Jones (Storekeeper), ?

Staff not present in photograph: John Bowen (Organic), C.B. Monk (Electrochemistry)
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The Edward Davies Chemical Laboratory

Old and New Laboratories

The group photograph was taken in front of the original Edward Davies Chemical Laboratory, opened in 1907, on the left in the photograph directly above.
The extension to the laboratory, on the right, was opened in 1963.