Trevor Taylor’s aerial photos of Aberdare

Just before leaving the RAF, Trevor flew his Mosquito FB6 over Aberdare and used the aeroplane’s camera to take a few shots of his home town

Aerial 1

Looking up the valley with the aeroplane over Aberaman. At bottom right Cardiff Road splits to form Wind St and Cardiff St, with The Mardy in the middle of the fork. The River Cynon is seen on the right. The streets of Foundry Town are seen clearly centre left with the four reservoirs towards the top of Monk Street on the left. Snaking up towards Cwmdare is the Dare Brach Line of the GWR. Tŷ Fry Farm can be seen to the north of The Line just beyond the reservoirs. Aberdare Park can also be identified. Of particular note is the undeveloped Dare Valley, top left, with Bwllfa Road the only visible feature.

Town Centre

Anybody from Aberdare will recognise this as the Town Centre taken with the aeroplane over Abernant. St Elvan's Church is at the centre of the picture with the large bulk of the Rex Cinema to its West. Of course the Low Level and High Level stations occupy a significantly large part of the foreground with some of the extensive railway sidings visible. You may also be able to spot the following: The Market, Tabernacle Chapel, The Black Lion, Bethania and Siloa chapels, Fairfield House and not far behind it, the grassed over tip created by the Graig Colliery - it's still there but covered in trees!

Aberdare Park

The plane is over Robertstown and the camera is directed towards Aberdare Park with the lake clearly visible. At the wing-tip is the factory which was later known as Helliwells, later still as Tube Investments. Tudor Terrace and the footbridge over the railway line is centre left, and Broniestyn Terrace centre right. Oxford Street and Gadlys Street can also be seen. The school occupied the triangular plot just in front of the Park. School House lawn would be on the left, and then to the right there is, in the noise of the photo, a suggestion of one of the faces of the School Clock. The large building just this side of the school plot is Carmel Chapel, which was used over the years by the school for both teaching and latterly for the Christmas Carol Services.