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Particle Physics seminar November 17th 2011
presented by Lyn Evans

Sixth form students from the school, together with others from Mountain Ash School, Aberdare Girls School and
St John Baptist High School, Aberdare attended a seminar given by past pupil Dr Lyn Evans at Aberdare High School, Cwmdare Road.


Lyn explains the elements of The Standard Model of Particle Physics

Lyn commenting

The audience in the school hall.

BBC coverage

Lyn describing the existence of cosmic microwave background radiation.

Seminar in the Hall

A view from the back of the Hall.

another general view in the Hall

Another general view in the Hall.

A group with Lyn Evans

A group with Lyn Evans. Third from the left is James Thomas, physics teacher at the High School.

Lyn with the students

Lyn with the students who attended the seminar.

It had been a busy visit home for Lyn as he delivered the Welsh Centre for International Affairs’ Anniversary Lecture, entitled ‘Back to the Big Bang’ at The Temple of Peace, Cardiff; as well as delivering a lecture to Engineering students at Cardiff University on the previous day. On the same day as he visited Aberdare he also visited the University of Glamorgan.

With thanks to the headmaster Mr Ian Machin for arranging these photographs to be sent to us,
and to Matthew Whitcombe, ICT Technician, for taking and sending the images.