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Past Paper Booklets

from Alwyn Griffiths

ESA Past Paper Booklet front ESA Past Paper Booklet back
Until relatively recently school examining boards did not make past papers readily available. Nowadays, they can be purchased and some are freely available from the Internet. However in the 1950s, and for several later decades, teachers recommended that boys purchase booklets that contained papers from about 6 previous years. They were available for all the examination boards that existed at that time; and for several, but not all, subjects. The outer covers of the WJEC Maths (Geometry & Trigonometry) 1952–1958 booklet are shown above. The purchase prices for other subjects are shown on the rear cover.
Arith and Algebra past papers
A similar booklet for Ordinary Level Mathematics (Arithmetic and Algebra). Mr D.W. Price was Head of Maths at this time and recommended their purchase. Alwyn Griffiths used these booklets in preparation for his O-levels that he took in the summer of 1959.