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Holderness Chem Syllabus
This style of book was in use in the late 1940s. At this time the school was known as Aberdare Boys County School, however it is clear from the exercise book cover that a previous school name (used from 1913 until some time in the 1920s) was still in use, possibly at the instigation of the Headmaster, Mr T B Reynolds, who was a pupil at the school from 1904-1910 and staff member from 1913 -54.
Between 1896 and 1913, before the girls left, the School’s name was even more simple, just Aberdare Intermediate School.
Different colours were used to help distinguish the subjects, and to minimise the frequency of the excuse, “Please Sir, I have brought the wrong book to your lesson”. In the 1960s, brown was French and green Arithmetic.
Exercis Books Exercis Books
After 1945 the school’s name should have changed to the one shown on this book. But it might have been delayed until Mr Jess Warren took over in 1954. This and the previous two books measured 6½ by 8 inches. In the sixth form, the stationery included the previous style of exercise books, but certainly in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, perhaps other subjects too, larger hardcover notebooks were issued as well. In the sciences they were used for laboratory practical write-ups. The red one shown here was used for Chemistry. It measured 7 x 9 inches, which meant it did not fit in that front pouch of one’s satchel !