Biology Lab Book

These images have come from laboratory notebooks used in Biology A-level classes during the early 1960s when the subject was taught by Mr D. D. Davies (Dai Cube as we called him). The owner of this book is Alwyn Griffiths (1954-1961) who submitted the pages. There were seven of these lab notebooks for Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Histology, Botany Types, Angiosperm Anatomy, Angiosperm Families, and Botany Physiology, and Alwyn has preserved them all. The contents of the books will be of great interest to other Biology students who will no doubt remember the considerable detail of the work we were expected to do.

Alwyn has sent images of a few sample pages for us to display. We had to reduce the size of the original images, and to manipulate them a bit, to make them manageable on the internet, but the detail is still reasonably clear. If you are a biologist and can't decipher the small print on some of the diagrams then you should have paid more attention in class!

The quality of these drawings is so good we have decided to include the book in the Library section as an example to the rest of us.

Cover of the
Vertebrates book

Front Cover    


VB1 Frog Skull


Crfish CrFish2  




ASp1 ASp2 Asp3