Group with M. Émile Boukhors, French Assistant

from Barbara Morgan

M. Emile Boukhors, 1948

Left to Right: Menna Davies, Ruth Morgan, Mary Oxenham, Gillian Kelly, Morton Davies, M. Émile Boukhors (French Assistant), and Barbara Morgan. Apart from Mary Oxenham, all the young people were residents of Broniestyn Terrace.
Sisters Barbara & Ruth Morgan are daughters of the late W.J. Morgan, former headmaster at Rhigos Junior School.

Menna Davies became Mrs Menna Bird. Morton Davies, (ABGS 1946–53), became a senior lecturer in Mathematics at UCW Aberystwyth. M. Boukhors began his education at LycĂ©e Michelet, (Vanves), with further studies at Cannes, Grenoble and Paris. He came to Aberdare after a period of teaching in Sfax in Tunisia.